3DOR offers several custom services for select clients. These include:

Operations research
Our multi-disciplinary team of experts makes use of field-proven methodology as well as a custom-developed set of tools and infrastructures.

Complex projects are the default here and our experience with complicated interrelationships and changing variables is second nature to us.

Our services include: 
Conducting full test design and performance studies for customers including optimization of complex systems. Additionally, we provide assistance in testing concepts, designing and prototyping, system performance studies, performance enhancement, etc.

Simulation services
Our wide-ranging experience in system engineering and developing complex testing methodologies and tools, enables us to offer full-service options to customers.

Our custom-designed tool suites make use of simulation, as well as physical and empirical models, simulators and pre-designed scenario models. On a case per case basis, we design the necessary customized tools and utilities to facilitate:
  • Comparative evaluation
  • Architectural and conceptual assessments
  • Parameter calibration and optimization
  • Integration analysis of simulation versus experimental outcomes
  • Operational interoperability research and assessment
Algorithm development
3DOR has extensive experience in developing algorithms that excel in being both powerful as well as highly efficient.

This capability enables us to not only develop class leading algorithms for our products and researchers, but also to extend this ability to our customers by enabling them to order custom designed algorithms for their needs.

Real time
Real time coding services