Armor Protection

Passive/Statistic/Reactive Protection Coverage Analysis

Designed for simulation analysis of tanks and armored vehicles, the 3DOR software can offer complete protection level verifications of armored vehicles, according to the highest international standards. 

Get a full picture covering:

  • Complete azimuth and elevation analysis
  • Firing test evaluations
  • Calibration of ballistic efficiency
Armored Platforms - Protected Area Analysis

  • The platform and the protection armor suit models are imported into the simulation directly from commercial CAD software.
  • Simulating shooting of various threats against the armored platform.
  • Analysis of protection levels using the client’s armor efficiency model.
  • Display in different colors of protected area / penetrated area / penetration probabilities.
  • Exposing and analyzing weak points in the armor and proper connection of protective kits.
  • Ability to analyze a variety of threats by the range and attack angles.
  • Analyzing thousands of scenarios in a few seconds 
     (*) Is under development