About Us

3DOR Simulations is an Israeli innovative company that provides consulting services in the fields of Defense and Homeland Security. Its services are focused on operational simulation and customized software solution infrastructures for complex 3D operational simulation needs. 

The State of Israel has pioneered the development of defense systems and we are highly experienced in developing operational simulations for such systems, having been at forefront of such developments for the IDF.

Our unique 3D computational geometric engine is a powerful working tool for researchers and engineers,
Thousands of times faster than other available commercial products.

The short adaptation time of our tools to a new project enables:
  • Detailed simulations right from the feasibility study
  • An instantly accurate starting point
  • A reduced number of in-field experiments
  • Optimized product design, performance, operation and cost


Amir Fishman - CEO A retired IDF Lt. Colonel with over 25 years of specialization in infrastructure development simulation and operations research. An expert in the areas of armor, weaponry and defense systems. Amir holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, an MBA, and is certified in computer sciences and energy, all from Tel Aviv University.

Oren Cohen - CTO A high-tech engineer and former IDF officer with over 20 years of experience managing and developing computer vision algorithms, Image Processing and Machine Learning, including 3D simulations. Oren holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in electronics and electrical engineering from Tel Aviv University.
Collaborating as a team for over 15 years 

Established in 2012
  • Developing unique and high-level simulation capabilities
  • Providing operations research and algorithm services, and real-time solutions
  • Contracts with leading Israeli defense companies & the Ministry of Defense
  • Selected for the first round of the exclusive IHLS (Israeli Homeland Security) Start-Up Accelerator Program
  • Picked as one of 10 Israeli start-up companies to compete at the Shenzen Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition 2018

The Vision
  • Creating generic, visual and fast simulation products for complex, dynamic & high fidelity multi scenarios research
  • Developing tools for feasibility studies, development, optimizations, field test design & investigation, operation logic testing and more
  • Setting a new standard for kinematic simulations, as a fundamental working tool for researches and engineers

Areas of Activity
  • Missiles, rockets and shells interception
  • Active defense systems for platforms
  • Development and performance evaluation of munitions
  • Survivability of systems
  • Person lethality & personal armor
  • Field tests design and investigation
  • Armored platform design
  • Field of view analysis
For the activities marked with red bullets, we have exclusive solutions to support kinematic needs such as the end-game analysis. Such solutions are not available on existing commercial software.

Our solution structure

Infrastructure Features
  • Direct import of detailed geometry from commercial CAD software
  • Modular components design
  • Scenario builder
  • Multi-scenarios analysis
  • Randomized parameters
  • Visual 3D rendering and animations
  • Using external code plugins 
  • Interoperability with other simulations. Our end-game simulation capabilities can be added to existing simulations, as a plug-in or via standard protocols such as HLA