Simulation technologies
High fidelity kinematic simulation engine with high accuracy and detailed 3D visualization
Save time
Shorten research and development cycles
Save Money
Optimize product design, performance, operation and cost

3DOR Simulations

3DOR delivers an extremely fast and accurate kinematic 3D-simulations engine for complex and detailed geometries.

Works with a variety of disciplines, analyzing complex dynamic scenarios.

Our innovative simulation infrastructure supports engineering teams, developers and researchers, to rapidly improve their products' capabilities and functionality.

Our unique simulation engine can be integrated into other software such as operations research, CAD, simulators, gaming, medical applications, etc. Especially for ultra-fast end-game analysis.

Analyzes hundreds of scenarios in seconds on a laptop!
Thousands of times faster than commercial alternatives.
Unique & high level simulation capabilities
Contracts with leading Israeli defense companies & MOD
Operations Research and Algorithms Services
Advanced real time solutions
Optional integration with other commercial systems